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"We are driven to learn by interest and passion and purpose, not by the soulless collection of test scores, credits, and points. We learn best when we want to learn, not because we are ordered to learn. That which we do by mandate is soon forgotten. That which we seek and find becomes ours forever."   Diane Ravitch


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                    Common Core
Dr. Megan Koschnick- Common Core is Developmentally Inappropriate 
"What if You're Wrong?" 
 Mary Calamia  
"I'm a kid -
 not a test score!
Dr. Duke Pesta
Stop Common Core Nevada
is pleased to announce we have now entered the lobbying phase.
Parents are being marginalized. The government is making decisions for our children and about our children. These decisions are being made without our input, permission, and most disturbingly, without our knowledge.
  Parents of Nevada – it’s time to stand up and Protect your Parental Rights. 
Core Sex Curriculum
It can be taught in any class -
No opt outs
Dr. Duke Pesta

Expert critics of Common Core to face NDE officials in unique public events
This is a brave teacher who speaks to the truth of CCSSI. She speaks about the developmentally inappropriate CCSS testing. "I cannot remain silent for one more day." Jennifer Rickert, Ichabod Crane Central School. TEACHERS - testing is coming to the state of NV.  Please SPEAK OUT!
Why Are American Schools Obsessed With Turning Kids Into Robots?
Standardized tests aren't the only way of measuring intelligence

This 5-part video series is still the BEST introduction to the history and implications of Common Core.